What makes Prestigious Nursing different?
At Prestigious Nursing we establish working relationships with our staff. We get to know our staff personally through an interview (which is part of the application process) and in this interview we get to know your preferences and skill set so we are able to staff you in facilities where you will do outstanding work and feel as comfortable as possible.

Why Prestigious Nursing is for you (employee)?
Prestigious Nursing is an agency that takes your preferences and skill set into consideration when determining what facilities you are put into to work; this is very important because we value the comfort of our employees and the satisfaction of the facilities we staff.

Why Prestigious Nursing is for you (facility)?
Prestigious Nursing is an agency that values the quality and ability of our staff. When we send a nurse or a certified nursing assistnat to your facility because we know their ability, certification, and skill set you will always have a qualified nurse and/or cna in your facility.

Where do you staff?
We staff local facilities and surrounding areas.

When I apply, how soon after can I start?

After the application process (application and interview) and the background process (background check and drug screen); If everything looks good we will call you in to have your badge made and after your badges is made we can begin staffing you.