Our team members are our greatest asset. As a Prestigious Nurse, we respect your needs and strive to provide you with the necessary tools to succeed. We will celebrate growth and embrace changes as an opportunity to grow in our ability to serve the community of Lubbock and the surrounding areas.


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We keep our promise. Prestigious Nursing promises to serve our community as an esteemed, respectable, dependable, compassionate and recognized Agency of choice. We will work diligently to provide quality nursing care services. We will not waste your time-we are committed to help you keep pace with all of your fluctuation staffing demands now and the future. We promise to be "worthwhile".


If you're in need of nursing jobs, in Lubbock and surrounding areas, that allows you to  be flexible, pays well, and allows you to start immediately. Prestigious Nursing is for you! Apply today, work tomorrow.


With continued education and training, our team is prepared to navigate through healthcare industry changes. Our education concentrates on learning effective methods to deliver quality evidenced-based practice healthcare services.