Application Instructions (Desktop Only)

  1. Click the Application button on the Apply page
  2. Once you click the button it should take you to a new page that displays a pdf. 
  3. Before filling out the application, save the pdf to your computer (you MUST have Adobe Acrobat Reader DC).
  4. After saving the application pdf to your computer, open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and fill it out.
  5. After filling it out save it to your computer (It is very important that the document is saved correctly)
    • If it is easier for you feel free to print it out, then fill it out, then bring it in to the office when you are ready for your interview.
    • Before you come in for an interview call the office and schedule a specific time and day or schedule online.
    • Reference the hiring requirements form so that you are aware of all the documents, you must bring to the office when you are ready to be interviewed.
  6. After saving the document to your computer, upload it using the upload field for the corresponding form.
  7. Now fill out the rest of the pdfs on the website, the same way, and click the submit button towards the bottom of the apply page when finished.
  8. EXCEPTION! The I-9 form is a printable pdf, so if you want to upload it with the rest of your documents then you must print it off, fill it out, scan it, then upload it.